Our Company ExportImport.Club (Smart Kimya Ltd) in Tax Awards Izmir Finals 2017
ExportImport.Club in Financially Successful Company Awards 2017
Fastest Companies of Turkey Awards
100 Fastest Companies of Turkey Awards 2017

ExportImport.club has been founded to make B2B operations easier for the companies and to promote international sales worldwide.

We are marketing different B2B tools worldwide.

We are specialised in Middle East, but we also have customers around Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Our history:

  • 2016 - Cooperation with EC21.com, Europages.com and Business1.com in Turkish market
  • 2017 - Cooperation with Business1.com in Turkish market
  • 2018 - Cooperation with Business1.com in Middle East countries
  • 2018 - Strategic partnership with Shopify.com worldwide for the companies to make B2B sales from their web channels

With these low cost tools, you can begin to join the competition, instead of watching your competitors sell worldwide.